Autonomy is WHAT ?

“Autonomy is everyone’s above-ground casket!  It is the objection to finding God.  It requires that you look into your brother’s eyes
and not remember God else you will lose your autonomy, your freedom . . .
and Salvation not of your hand will humiliate you, discredit you, and reduce you to a state of Atonement, bliss and holiness which you cannot take credit for.”

The Divine Economy IV / May 20th, 2012

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7 Responses to Autonomy is WHAT ?

  1. holysonofgod says:

    It’s simple to look into your brother or sister’s eyes and see God, but oftentimes I forget to do it. I know the Truth of this statement, but I don’t always remember to see it though it is all around me.
    Peace, Jamie

  2. sandy says:

    All I know – is when I’m out of my integrity, I can’t sleep, suffer through insomnia, ego talk – real talk – all night long. Only myself suffers when I choose to have a life separate from Truth. You would think I’d have learned this by now. Well…I have – but I don’t always employ the sanity of choosing to join with God.

  3. Sun~Rose says:

    Miguel! Just climb out.
    Who wants to do anything on their own. I love having Our Friend.
    Thank You Brothers Raj and Paul, for the posts and the flowers. (any Roses?)

    • sandy says:

      Love this – and it is so darn simple, but so easily forgotten when in stressful situations or even happy ones.

  4. miguel carvalho says:

    Give me salvation that is Not of me. let me see God in my brother’s eyes. Make me One with everything and everyone. Do what You will but get me out of this casket. It’s boring in here. It’s not fun. Thank You God. thank You Raj and Paul.

  5. A lovely turn of phrase – “above ground casket!”
    This mirrors exactly our current reading in ACIM – of the reversal of love and fear.
    No shades of grey in either!
    Humiliation is experienced within the attempt to maintain a presentation of control and independent authority. The shift (the undoing of a false reversal) allows a true humility in gladness to be free of the attempt! Aligning with and from an innate and shared integrity opens a deep appreciation of what had been rendered invisible by what is now revealed as a strange appetite!
    I didn’t consciously intend the reference to a recent popular fiction – but it came up as an instance of the mind’s capacity to play ‘as if’ and agree to make it at least emotionally real to the participants.

    (As a note – I tried pasting rich text in to see if that would allow italics or bold, but it isn’t supported here)

    • sandy says:

      ahhh yes, 50 shades of Grey – or how I can keep myself focused on anything and everything except the most simplest of things. (haven’t read the book and don’t want to, ha).

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