This Is What Needs to Happen

“When you get up in the morning, how often does it occur to you . . . how many mornings a week or a month does it occur to you
to be curious:

“I wonder what the miracle is I’m going to see today?”  “I wonder what miracles I’m going to experience as a result of my letting go of control and authority over my day?”  “I wonder how many miracles I’m going to experience as a result of asking for the Holy Spirit’s perspective?” — the perspective of That which is nothing more than your right Mind.

And yet this is what needs to happen.”

ACIM Study Group / February 6th, 2010

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18 Responses to This Is What Needs to Happen

  1. holysonofgod says:

    Sun ~Rose, Anastasia, and Margaret thanks so much for your healing stories!
    Peace, Jamie

  2. Sun~Rose says:

    Dear Margaret,
    Thank You for sharing Your wonderful willingness and healing. I have had such wonderful healings reading Science and Health (the source of many of the books You mention). My very first one took place in Paris, after a CS service, of a painful problem that had been going on in my mouth for over 8 months.
    I had been reading Science and Health for about 5 months. The children and I were walking back to the hotel from the church service We’d attended, when I realizedd one half of My mouth was clear and pain-free. I stopped walking and yelled with joy! Immediately after sharing with the children that the problem was half healed, I heard: GOD DOESN’T DO THINGS HALF WAY! And by the time We returned to the hotel, the healing was complete.
    That was my wonderful introduction to God’s healing power over what seems to be ‘pjysical’, yet, isn’t.
    Since then, I have had so many, many healings, including multiple broken bones on two occasions, and arthitis pain all over (this was over 20 years go and there’s been no recurrence.
    Thanks be to God for His unspeakable Gift. It may be unspeakable, and it is definitely demonstrable.

  3. sandy says:

    Margaret – thanks for sharing your experience of quitting smoking – very inspiring for others I’m sure!.

  4. margaret benton says:

    when I can’t drop or ignor rampant thoughts, i found turning on one of Rai ‘ s meditations calms my mind and I try to remember what Odonnell Living Beyond disease reminded her class…I have in me the Mind that is in Christ Jesus and these busy thoughts are not Christ thoughts therefore they are not mine.
    I still have some unplesant symptoms in my lower legs and feet but now I can sleep a bit better.
    Please help me remember consciously …. I hve learned and experience much but some where i seem to be missing the mark. I’ve studied Charles Filmore, Unity back in the 60’s . . . Ernest Holmes’ Religeous Science under Dr Carlton Whitehead. ,,,, The Infinite Way Joel Goldsmith. and lastly ACIM. I love them all..I believe …yet I go so far and fear ego creeps in.
    I think “the letter of the Law kills . . . SPIRIT GIVES LIFE”

    I had a beautiful experience with CHRIST SPIRIT
    after smoking for over 60 years, April 2/2000 9:00 pm he spoke with we and delivered me from smoking. I never even ask….I was lighting up and said “LORD I need to stop smoking” started talking to me and said stop ai told him I couldn’t and he said I can…trusht Me. I was free immediately…never wanted another and did not bother me when others smoked. I never quit..
    Jesus delivered me.
    Why why why….help. To know God aright…to experience the HOLY Instant.
    thank you so much!!
    excuse my computer non-skills. .

  5. margaret benton says:

    thank you

  6. Anastasia says:

    Miracle…. all of Us here together!!! :)))) Thank you all and thank you Enocia for these beautiful reminders including that there is no order of difficulty in miracles for God, they are all the same!

  7. Enocia says:

    Hi friends. Good to connect with you all. 🙂

    Gail, I liked what you said about the Power of Wonder and staking yours. The Power of Wonder is there for all of us to stake our claim. It’s a matter of remembering that the Wonder is always present and be curious to see demonstrations, as stated in the quote above.

    I’m obsessed with seeing demonstrations. I record every miracle, healing, experiences that I love. I believe when I record and share my experiences, I am magnifying the power of Love not only in my life but in the world.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people shared how Love and the Truth principles are being demonstrated in their every day life? I look forward to reading these experiences.

    Love to all,
    EJ xxx

  8. Hi EJ itis so good to see your post. You are inspiring to me! Peace and Love, Jamie

  9. sandy says:

    Thanks to Enocia and Anastasia for their wonderful sharings – and of course everybody.
    Loved seeing you here Enocia!!

  10. Gail says:

    Love the responses here. Thank you Enocia and Anastasia for your witnessing to the Truth of this powerful reminder. Thank you all for the Power of Wonder. I need to stoke mine!

  11. Enocia says:

    It happened again today. My mother couldn’t open a jar. I tried brute strength but it wouldn’t budge. After I prayed, i was able to open it easily. Mum said she didn’t think of praying as she didn’t want to bother God about such a small thing. I told her I believe God doesn’t see things that way. Everything is the same to God. She said she’ll try and remember next time.

    Just shows how we block miracles by our beliefs.

    I’ve recorded the experience on my blog for posterity. 🙂

    I wonder what astounding, magnificent and wonderful miracles God has for all of us this week? 🙂

    Love, E xxx

    • Gene says:

      How wonderful to see Enocia continuing to Be… beautiful Enocia! There are many of us who have enjoyed your sharing, and it is delightful to rediscover that in the Father’s “new” environ!
      Much Love,

  12. Sharon Nicholson says:

    Thank you Anastasia,

    This is perfect for me today.

    I do know what you shared…. but then I forget…. and this reminder is so wonderful for me right now, especially, “Act as if the Miracle has already occurred.” That is what I forgot.

    Thank you for being an angel for me today.


  13. Anastasia says:

    This message was my first Miracle today! After reading about miracles in the Course before bed last night, I awoke in the night with a desire to share this miracle here in the Gathering Place. I don’t speak of this often but lately I felt the Need for Miracles in so many Brothers and Sisters around me. So I turned it over to the Holy Spirit that if I am to share this then you show me the way and I awoke to this message/invitation.

    9 years ago I was diagnoised with stage 3 breast cancer. At a young age I had taken care of both my parents who appeared to go through this and so my sleeply self recalled this hell. And though I had some “personal” beliefs about God then I was by no means prepared to handle this on my own. After 5 surgeries the doctors continued with their stuff…no clean margins, in all the lymph nodes, 2 kinds of cancer; one a very agressive type. I had no hope, none… I was terrifed to say the least. To top it off on the front page of the local newspaper there was an article about a nuclear accident which had leaked some toxic material in the neighborhood where I grew up and many cancers were showing up in this area.

    At this same time I started to “notice things” like each time I would go into an exam room at St. John’s Hospital there would be either the crucified Christ or the resurrection of Christ hanging on the wall. A sense of curiousity I had never experienced seemed to just show up. Then one day at my wits end a friend who was a healer suggested that I go within and be quiet for 3 days…. completly still. And though it was a huge challenge, especially the first day I stayed with it. And then on the third day I must have completely wore myself out from trying to be still and as clear as a bell I heard “Act as if the Miracle has already occured” and so I did. I held on to only that thought with every doctor I sat across from and with whatever my ego tried to tell me to the contrary. I then somehow added “they just don’t know my Father” …I now say “they just don’t know our Father.” For me as wonderful as it was that my health was returning I knew the real Miracle was in experiencing that “sudden shift of perception” from such utter fear to a state of Peace.

    Miracles continued…. a year later I was introduced to the Course…..and the well of feeling for this Gift runs so deep and then to be introduced to Raj and Paul 4 years ago….well I’m singing to the choir here. What I read last night in the Course which so resonated was “…as a correction, the miracle need not await the right-mindedness of the receiver. In fact, its purpose is to restore him “to” his right mind. It is essential, however, that the miracle worker be in his right mind, however briefly, or he will be unable to re-establish right-mindedness in someone else.” And indeed indeed :)))) “This is what needs to happen!”

    In Love

  14. Enocia says:

    Now this is something I can relate to. I call it the Power of Wonder. I have observed when I wonder about something, my wondering is made manifest. It’s like a mathematical formula that works without fail. I have recorded lots of examples about the Power of Wonder in action on my blogs. I’ve even inspired my mother and brother to Wonder though they forget to do it.

    The same applies when I expect miracles too. The other day when I couldn’t open a bottle, I left it in front of our resident teddy bear and asked him to do it. He did. OK, God worked through the teddy bear. 🙂



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