Justice Comes From . . .

“Justice doesn’t come from circumstances or external events.  Justice comes from one letting himself off the hook
— releasing the judgment and the hate and the self-depreciation — and daring to look within with the desire to know, “What is True in me?”  “What is Divine in me?”  “In what way am I the direct expression of the Father?”  “Where are the qualities of the Father in me?”  And these questions shouldn’t be asked to prove that they’re absent, but rather should be asked on the basis that those qualities of the Father are there,
together with the desire to open up and experience them.

Winnipeg, Manitoba / 1989

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7 Responses to Justice Comes From . . .

  1. Gale-Denver says:

    No question but what We need to let Ourselves up! It all starts with Us! Thank you, Raj, for this great eye-opener! Amen!


  3. The Truth out there is the Truth in here. it is all Heaven!


  4. miguel carvalho says:

    Indeed!!! Thank You Paul and Raj et al. This is THE WAY to turn concept into experience! I stand for God’s Justice, that declares everyone JUST, exactly s God created them.

  5. To cover guilt in our mind and see it outside oneself is to thus WANT it – and keep it UNcorrected, for the attack on love DOES not come from ‘outside’ but from a kind of thinking that sets itself apart – and WANTED to be true.
    As long as we seek justice on terms that such thinking sets, we hold our wounds dear and focus on sin, hate, guilt and fear as our secret salvation.
    This is not what we present to the world and therefore attempt to use the world to teach ourself.
    For keeping such hatred hidden and projected out as the mind or intent of others is something we feel our very life depends on – while we let such thinking speak for us.
    Justice proceeds from truth as an innate quality of being. To seek justice outside of truth is to ‘make for oneself’ the god of a personal wish – that must be forever ‘at war’ with truth. There is no peace here, nor sanity, nor justice.
    The willingness to put down the mad war with oneself allows the perception of such war as mad and meaningless and thus unwanted.
    As long as the past is used to make continuity of guilt, so will the ego rob you of your presence to kill you in your future.
    Justice brings home to a true awareness, the thoughts we thought to share that CANNOT BE shared. Can this be said to be done unto us or upon us – if we are not two?
    The Mercy of a wholeness of being is a wholly Present Love. A past that could not truly BE is not here excepting we call it upon ourselves in an attempt to expiate guilt or regain what it seemed to have been taken from us.
    Little children, this is not so. Your “guilty secret” is nothing, and if you will but bring it to light, the Light WILL dispel it. And then no dark cloud will remain between you and the remembrance of your Father. For you will remember His guiltless Son, who did not die because he is immortal. And you will see that you were redeemed WITH him, and have never been separated FROM him. In THIS understanding lies your remembering, for it is the recognition of love WITHOUT fear. There will be great joy in Heaven on your home-coming, and the joy will be YOURS. For the redeemed son of man IS the guiltless Son of God, and to recognize HIM, IS your redemption.

  6. Christos says:

    This reminds me of so, so many miracles I have witnessed and the simple justice I’ve seen as those who open themselves up to allowing the Holy Spirit to remove the hooks they have mistaken replaced in them selves. All the thousands of times I have witnessed this, the letting go of hooks or blocks, physical, mental, spiritual illumination happens. True justice indeed for this is our birthright – radically wonderful healing, corrections of our perceptions where the presense of love becomes tangible! It is simply beyond words to discribe, yet I will tell any of my brothers and sisters all that Raj says is so beatifully true for I have seen it happen and experienced it countless times–the work of the Holy Spirit, The Christ within, answerlng the call for truth, true justice!

    Indeed, we need simply ask! Thank you Brothers for the Divine Reminder! Thank you so, so much for showing me how to clearly communicate with you guys within, by using Auric Bodies Communicating! Thank You God! I Am Free! We Are Free At Last!

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