Like Pinocchio?

“Sin, sickness and death happen in a context.  They happen in an arena.  But I’m going to say they happen in a mind-set.
They happen in a context of independence — a context of independence hoped for, independence worked for, and independence which you have been falsely promised you can achieve.

In other words, sin, sickness and death seem to occur and seem to govern you when you have adopted an independent stance in which there is a promise of your being able to become, like Pinocchio, a real boy . . . a successful actually independent entity.”

ACIM Study Group / June 12th, 2011

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6 Responses to Like Pinocchio?

  1. Karen Torgeman says:

    Thank u as always Paul/raj……working daily to lose that independence…. Nice to have communication from u all again…. how is Paul doing… Who is sending these lovely reminders….? Little confused?

  2. Martha Rose says:

    After reading Like Pinocchio,
    I took up my shopping trolly and walked.Leaving my house with the thought hmm ? wonder about that story Pinocchio.Walking to the shops thinking I was heading one way, when my feet went another. I paid attention to the subtlety of this movement when the thought came, Trust where I am leading you.Sure enough going into a local Church I found a beautiful book titled, Every Day With Jesus.I opened it on a page with the heading “The Reason Is Love” followed with Its a classic story, Gepetto the woodworker, carves a boy out of wood and wishes he would become (Real) His wish was Granted..
    Thank You Jesus.and all my Hu-man family. gratitude to Paul and Susan for keeping the Faith.. from a Trolly Dolly,

  3. sandy says:

    Thank you Raj/Paul.

  4. @Gale-Denver: As we accept total inherence and dependence on God – as Source, as Being and as Nature – then we don’t see lots of puppets in the world. Though we can see the puppet mechanism being enacted. So the Real Boy is restored to your awareness in the extension of the gift of love’s recognition – right where you are currently seeing puppets out there somewhere. Which you could not even have the perception of, but for God’s Giving – as the awareness and existence of your mind as the Extension of All that He Is Being, even if our acceptance of that is currently limited by the installation and support of a puppet regime!

    Whatever we take as our source will reflect as our experience of our world – and our play in puppetland has become mesmeric such as to literally forget the Only Thing that is really going on.
    We forget that everything we see, is seen first within and then reflected in experience. It seems to just ‘happen to us’ – and often unfairly or cruelly too! And so we make the puppet real to us and believe everyone else is doing the same game – and see its evidence everywhere.

    Is it as simple as that, saying what we want to be real being the prime determination of our experience? Yes – but what we want is already active and cant be changed only by saying “I want love to be the reality of me”. Even if what we are asking for is already Given. For we find we want all sorts of other things and are not ready to let them go. If that is so, then we can find out if we really want these things or if they are a distorted expression – or distraction – from what we truly desire.
    The ‘puppet’ is an attempt to get what we think we want as if we really want it. While all along what we desire is what we truly are – and which shares because what we truly are is the act of sharing itself. There is no manipulative intent or control brought to bear in such moment. None. I feel the Course invites a present focus on the miracle as an expression of this Holy Instant, having accepted or realized that our meaningless thoughts are what is making our disconnected and defended experience – which seams very meaningful if we are ‘wearing it’.
    If you are not the Real Boy – what are you? and who says?
    But if you ARE – then you know that everyone IS – and you don’t have to become something or atone for something that you NEVER were. Isn’t this what Jesus in A Course in Miracles means by accepting the Atonement?

    That I have elaborated is not to have focussed on your specifically – but your sharing and your question illustrate a particular thread of the human conditioning that I felt worthy of illumination.
    To look first to the world for our knowing, is to look outside ourself. But to look within and know, is the capacity to see the world in a new or unified Context – which offers absolutely no leverage upon you, your brother or the world – and so you do not want it!
    The association of knowing, with gaining control, is false. Coming into true perspective allows a natural and appropriate act – that no amount of strategic thinking can embody – even if the form of the act was the same!
    The Real Boy embodies a Real Dad!

    in Love’s blessing

  5. Gale-Denver says:

    Lots of puppets in today’s world. So where is the Real Boy?

  6. barbara janeway says:

    wow, this quote sure works for me today!!!

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