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“The blind intent to see what isn’t there makes it impossible to see what is.”

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Satisfied with Dissatisfaction?

“As long as you are moving out of a state of ignorance, you must employ a desire to get beyond it — to be delivered from it — else you will remain satisfied with dissatisfaction, with frustration . . . … Continue reading

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You Don’t Need Fortitude!

“You need to realize that a good idea is not a personal idea. It is not a private creation of a puny little female human being on the planet.

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Stop Playing Victim

“You cannot be responsible for the way someone else sees himself, but you can be responsible for how you choose to see yourself.

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A Sudden Shift of Perception

“The only thing you can do through an act of will is to choose to stay where the shift is happening.  You can’t be responsible for the content of what is emerging, but you can and you must be responsible … Continue reading

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In Actual Connection!

“Communion: Joining with me, joining with the Holy Spirit, joining with the Father in communion — in actual connection! 

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The Spiritual Original

“Healing, without the evidence of healing, is nonsense.  Love, without the evidence of love, is nonsense.  Sanity, without the evidence of Sanity, is insanity.

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