You Look At Each Other . . .

“You look at each other and you see a mother, daughter, brother, a friend, an enemy, et cetera, when, in fact,
the one who confronts you is the Son or Daughter of God — the direct expression of the First Cause.

And because you are so confident that what you see there is just a human being, perhaps even a very difficult human being, you lock yourself into a relationship based upon a misperception.

You do not release each other from it, but hold each other to it.  And you never experience a reason for becoming curious to see whether there may be something more there.”

Overijse, Belgium / 1992

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10 Responses to You Look At Each Other . . .

  1. Orinda says:

    Brian! Pauline! … and other beloved UK liveyers (tho, as Sun~Rose might tell us that’s a very uncommon word for full-time/all season residents of an area … like our tetley tea then, … “only in Canada, you say? pity!” (said as upper crust british 🙂 )
    okay, got side-tracked a bit there … anyho, the snow, the snow! are you snowed in? had a note and picture from a part-time UK ‘liveyer’ friend this morning (she’s in Market Deeping (Lincolnshire)) … exclaiming … what a weather suprise they’re experiencing … of course any mention of UK now reminds me of you 🙂 so how is it there with you i’m wondering … and if that’s really the reason for mr. god-googles sign on the front door today … DON’T PANIC … in any case, sounds like good advice for whatever seems to be going down (or up) in our getting rebooted consciousness/awareness …but as Spirit reminds me sometimes, when it seems more than i can flow with … [must have seemed very doable at some point… or you wouldn’t have signed up for it] … funny how remembering that makes it immediately okay …
    from across the big pond then, …rinda on ‘the rock’ …over ‘n out!

  2. Judy Lasswell says:

    When Sister Helen Prejean (on whom the role of the nun in “Dead Man Walking” was based) delivered a sermon at my church 3 yrs ago, she said, “It’s wrong to take a freeze-frame of an event or period of a person’s life, & look at it as an indication of his total identity or worth.” (These are only my memory of her words; but since her words were so memorable to me, they’re a close approximation.)

  3. What is the Truth here? The only question you need ask! Peace, Jamie

  4. Pauline says:

    “”” And you never experience a reason for becoming curious to see whether there may be something more there.” “””
    Now, that ‘hit home’….thank you Raj!

  5. sandy says:

    Thank you Raj.

  6. The human drama skims the surface. When I ‘lost my daughter’, it cut through to Soul. The expression that I chose as part of a celebration acknowledging her presence was from Emmanuel’s Book:

    Look to understand your negative feelings As a loving mother would understand A confused and frightened child. When the denial of God within you is being challenged It is a time of great opportunity. Do not deny the part of you that is in darkness Or it will manifest again. When you become aware of misjudgement, Of ill timed, ill conceived thought and action, When you recognise your desire for vengeance, Your anger or unforgiveness, A light has been turned on. Your new insight now allows you to handle these things In a far more conscious way. A door has been opened. With awareness, you give yourself the gift Of an opening for growth and change. Do not criticize yourself Because in darkness you couldn’t see. When you find the light within you You will know that you have always Been in the centre of wisdom. As you probe deeper into who you really are, With your lightedness and your confusion, With your angers, longings and distortions, You will find the true living God. Then you will say: “I have known you all my life And I have called you by many different names. I have called you mother and father and child. I have called you lover. I have called you sun and flowers. I have called you my heart. But I never, until this moment, Called you Myself”.

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