The Only Thing Confronting You

“When you look at everything around you and just say that it’s a material world
— that it’s a planet and a universe that was happenstance, pure physical evolution having nothing to do with a divine Principle or God — you are misperceiving and misunderstanding the Kingdom of Heaven, because the Kingdom of Heaven is the only thing confronting you to experience, clearly or through a glass darkly — unclearly.  It’s that simple!

ACIM Study Group / February 19th, 2011
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10 Responses to The Only Thing Confronting You

  1. And that’s the Truth! Peace

  2. Martha Rose says:

    Just read the full text,ACIM/Feb 2011
    Tkank You,
    I Love U

  3. Sun~Rose says:

    Heaven here, Heaven now. Indeed It is. Thank You for all the constant reminders.

  4. sandy says:

    Thank you. Always a welcome start to my day now to see these messages.

  5. BeaJ says:

    RajPaul: a Heartfelt message of Truth…thank You..thank You thank You!!!

  6. The assertions of a mentality that hides behind a god of its own making such as to keep the mind closed to an uncovering of the More of what God Is being right where you are, gave rise to the challenging and rejection of a falsely used or outdated model of reality.

    Though the scientific endeavour looks ‘outside’ for data and allows inspiration and guidance only as if some revelation of a personal genius – and in support of a narrative no less obstructive to love’s awareness than what it presumed to replace – it also uncovers a capacity to challenge presumed truths, and originally sought to eliminate prejudice – albeit within the narrow confines its own thinking sets.

    A seeming capacity to step outside of conscious awareness by framing it within imposed definitions, renders all that is truly being – as a fragmented and fragmenting experience.
    The narratives of human inventiveness seek to hold order amidst a perception of chaotic and fearful experience. There is in this, divine principle, because integrity is unified congruence.
    But the shift from story to real relationship is the willingness to release our story and find it reconfigured or transformed in support of a greater awareness of and undefendedness to The Only Thing Confronting Us.

    It seems that when issues of apparent difference become polarised, there is a tendency to throw out the baby with the bathwater, rather than to reach beyond the forms for that in the movement beneath them which has merit and can be joined with.
    The presumption that Life can be rendered as machinery of mere function without any true participative relationship in shared meaning, is a revealing of the machinery of the ego through its ‘works’.

    The payoff of a belief is its underpinning. The mind seeks unconsciousness for its own ‘reasons’, while it feels the payoff is worth the cost. The soulless and meaningless result of such thinking must become too high a cost to pay even if it once gave a sense of temporary power or safety.

    But for all that the scientific view point has an element of absurd arrogance, it also opens much that serves to undo its own apparent foundations – at least in the mind that opens and connects with more than its own self limiting assertions.

    I haven’t really made any points of question, but writing this has immersed me in the nature of what you say – and allowed a sense of ‘yes but’ to be undone of any sense of withholding.

    The letting into a direct unified experience feels to call upon a capacity to truly be without the mind as I have identified it mine. Without a sense of a need for withholding or therefore controlling. I cant ask how – as that feels simply to play false to all that I am, but I can and do ask “help”.
    Yes, that’s the how 😉 To be actively in the true receipt of help.
    Thankyou for true-being, shared.

    in Gratitude


  7. miguel says:

    Yeas. And i am determined to see it . Thank You Paul and Raj.

  8. Louise Lorente says:

    so wonderful…these words of TRUTH that appear so often these days…thanks paul and raj…
    all is well….namaste’

  9. Gale-Denver says:

    So nice to be reminded of Truth, even though briefly!

  10. Karen Torgeman says:

    So nice to be having contact again….. Sitting quietly with your every word xxx

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