The Presence of God

“Your peace, experienced within yourself, is omnipotent.  Not because you personally have a marvelous power, but because that peace in you which constitutes the substance and the nature of your Being is the presence of the Life-Principle or God.

That is why it has power.

That is why it is transformational.”

Carmel, California / 1986

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8 Responses to The Presence of God

  1. Richard says:

    A truth of life is nothing maters till someone makes it mater. what one believes is ones truth. 100% Gratitude is to let it all Go ! For me life is grand rich

  2. Christos says:

    As I move through each of the quotes I am so grateful – so touched by all that is happening and all of it seems simply beyond words, even ‘transformational’ as strong of a word it is… seems like an understatement to the love of God I feel from within. For over 30 years I have been seeking within to know God more – and simply put, during the last two with Raj’s clarity inside, it has all come full circle; evidence, tangible evidence, experiences within and witnessing transformations in others, all through the gifts of clarity Raj has brought to the Holy Instant, the Holy Spirit’s function, my little willingness needed, releasing those damn ‘mutually agreed upon definition’, lol, of which I’m amazed there are so many! Wow… but the good news, the great news, is now I know I have a “Dream Team” within, a team that I only needed to choose to unleash!

  3. The Peace of God is everything that i want. The peace that is transformational.



  4. miguel carvalho says:

    Indeed!!! I am the Peace and the love and Joy of God. There is no other Peace or love or Joy. Hence I am all there is, because God is all there is. Hence the Power. Thank God.

    • Gail Sanders says:

      Miguel! You glorious peace of God! Thank God for you! Christo Harper and I are continuing to hear Raj and embody what we hear and remember that God is Love and so am I and so are you and I recognize it! you can email me your life update when you get the chance. I am doing fine. Love, Gail Sanders

  5. barbara janeway says:

    wow, really like these nuggets that you are giving. I’m glad this is here, still happening.

  6. Gail says:

    Blessed are we to have the gift of your wisdom to start the day. With love and gratitude.

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