An Authorization

“I authorize my body to release whatever is not necessary to its perfect functioning.  And I withdraw any prior conscious or unconscious authorization to the contrary.”

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10 Responses to An Authorization

  1. Judy Lasswell says:

    I remember listening to this on an audio tape many years ago. Thank you Paul/Raj for bringing such jewels as this to our attention again.

  2. mikejm2013 says:

    I have shared this with other people, and they have found it quite helpful, as do I. I just listened to a workshop where Raj suggests to a man to persist with his quest to allow perfect health for himself. This quote is helpful in this direction; thanks!

  3. D. FItz says:

    You gave this message many years ago and I memorized it just like You said it. I have repeated it many times, and as you suggested, gave it to others from You. Thank you very much. I have overcome much because I Know this.

  4. Gail says:

    Thank you both for this gift. Timely and perfect. Much love.

  5. Martha Rose says:

    Thank you Jesus for this daily lift..

  6. Anastasia says:

    Perfect as always! Thank you Raj and Paul. Blessings to All :)))))

  7. BeaJ says:

    RAJPaul: The Raj Materials, and especially this one, today,
    brings ITS Healing Power needed…
    A heartfelt THANK YOU hug is sent across the miles……..

  8. Pauline says:

    Thanks Raj…needed this reminder!! Timely for me…Love You!!

  9. sandy says:

    Thank you Raj.

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