Love is . . . Part 2

“Love is the RECOGNITION of that which is Real in each and every thing.”

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4 Responses to Love is . . . Part 2

  1. sandy says:

    Beautiful message Anastasia.

  2. Anastasia says:

    Over the last few days in visiting the Gathering Place I have found a deeper meaning in these words and wanted to share…..”I heard one Voice because I understood that I could not atone for myself alone. Listening to one Voice implies the decision to share It in order to hear It yourself. The mind that was in me is still irresistibly drawn to every mind created by God, because God’s Wholeness is the Wholeness of His Son.” I am reminded that the Atonement is sharing and here we are…….I experienced a wave of feeling such joy, inspiration and desire to wake up and know my beautiful brothers and sisters again. Thank you all.

  3. … and gracefully relieves an identifying with ‘thing-ness”.
    Yet this not-thing-ness is Everything Alive, while the seeming power to make a thing of myself over and against other-thingness, costs me the awareness of and delight in such Unified being as can not be named.
    And replaces love accepting, with a struggle to prevail or survive amidst the fearfully defined and imagined confusions of love-less thinking!
    Thank you for reMinding. In a world of forgetting in which we seem dismembered of our true Relation, and suffering the loss of Meaning, the need for reMinding is constant.
    Thank you for being Constant!

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