Love is . . . Part 1

“Love is the WILLINGNESS to
recognize that which is Real
in each and every thing.”

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8 Responses to Love is . . . Part 1

  1. Jackie Smith says:

    You give us so much Love, thank you. Jackie

  2. sandy says:

    thank you.

  3. margaret benton says:

    I want the “Sunday kind of Love … the Love that lasts past Saturday night,”
    I am new – first comment … need your understanding patience and help thank you!

  4. Judy Lasswell says:

    Either Dianne Petrie read my mind, or I read hers, because I’ve said the exact same thing for many years.

  5. mikejm2013 says:

    That’s wonderful! Thank you.

  6. Dianne Petrie says:

    Love is the answer to every question

  7. Jamie says:

    Live it and Be it! Love, that is.

  8. Wendy Harris says:

    I was just reading the words ‘Infinite Love is the only truth – everything else is illusion’ when your email ‘pinged’ in! Thank you.

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