“The element of trust
increases the visibility
of your good.”

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15 Responses to Trust

  1. Brian Steere says:

    The most fundamental act we can give is the extension of trust. Trust is the natural expression of wholeness of being, because it is not at war with itself.
    A conflicted self is a mad idea that takes root when we reject any part of ourselves, for what we give, sets the measure of what we receive, and when we feel we have both rejected and been rejected in love’s Being, our sense of trust collapses into fear and guilt and operates in a tiny realm of heavily demanded or defended conditions. Within a private and withheld consciousness walled against the Infinitude of our natural being, the Open-ness of Consciousness Itself.
    For our trust is redirected toward fear and guilt as our temporary saviour from the pain of such conflicted mind that is born of a mistake believed real.
    In confusion, we look for all sorts of stories whereby to adjust or organise our mind – to manage our sense of ourselves – in order to counter a fearfulness or atone for a sense of lovelessness. What we cannot bear or accept in ourselves is pushed down, denied, blotted out – and this automatically ‘comes back to us’ as an unconsciously active filter of meanings that distort our perception – for we ‘see’ threat and enemy’ everywhere and we are certain it is real… because we know it in ourselves by our own judgement.
    Until some awakening to the self-harm of a madness of mind is accepted as true, we cannot help but persist in ‘knowing not what we do’. For all our doings express a root of an intent to prevail over… ourselves – in some imaginary war, lived out upon our world and our brother and sister.
    To doubt our experience in the world and our seeming certainties of pain, danger and evil will, is the Gift of the stirring of the expression of our wholeness in our conscious awareness; our “Holy Spirit”. In the light of this Gift is the madness undone and trust and vision restored, because in the release of the investment in fear and guilt, it is no longer pushed down – and thus rises to be undone by non reaction – by not being taken up, by abiding in trust amidst the call to war or the impulse to run and hide.
    For trust listens and receives as is given – and does not reject and thus make ‘other’ or unlike, but discerns the movement within its wholeness as one with. It is this that awakens the Call for love in a seeming attack and and not an attempt to use a teaching as a better handle on solving an unsolvable problem.
    A fundamental curiosity arises from such ultimate frustration, that is not involved in the terms of its conflict but simply and spontaneously curious as to the actual nature of what is really going on. This does constitute a simple opening in trust, and is always answered by the greater perspective of the wholeness of being, which does not reject or abandon or judge us – but loves all that it is as itself.
    The undoing of a mind made in madness is growing in acceptance and welcome through instants over time and is the regaining of the innate capacity to give and receive in trust – of a wholeness of being the moves in us, through us and knows itself as the truth of us.
    Our true presence un-withheld and extending, is our fulfilment. This is what a mind in distraction, is distracted from!
    A mind in its own noise is emptied in addiction to a manipulated stimulation.
    But the Silence of our mind reveals awareness of being to be Full.
    Awe Full!

  2. sandy says:

    Thank you Raj. Trust is what helped me see all was well and still helps me see it as well. My visibility of good increases all the time.

  3. Jamie says:

    Trust would solve all problems now.

  4. Karen torgeman says:

    My dearest raj/Paul…….yesterday all day I felt nervous about nothing in particular, yet everything. My heart was beating hard all day… I listened to your last tape, yet nothing seemed to calm me …. Late at night i walked my dog in the park, the park looked so beautiful and magic in the moonlight and I made a decision to experiment for one week with only trusting and not to let my mind, for a moment, spend time in doubt…….I had a wonderful day today and then just now received your wonderful words…… So once Again dear raj/Paul, thanks again for always being there…

    • Judy Lasswell says:

      Karen, how neat to hear a real-life, detailed story. So much more REAL than the less specific philosophical stances I usually spout.

  5. Christopher says:

    Love the expression of Trust as an Element… for most certainly it is a element of Love that God provides as we yield in simply to the willingness of Being, allowing the Holy Instant to be ours… for herein comes ‘the visibility’ of its ‘increase’ as a gift from God!

  6. Erica says:

    Thank you!

  7. miguel carvalho says:

    Indeed!!! Thank You Paul and Raj et al. TRUST in Good invariably makes the Good visible and tangible, until trust itself is replaced by Certainty.

  8. Gail says:

    I relistened to a Jo Dunning energy session today and what stood out for me was her comment on how important it was to trust the process we are in rather than letting the mind make judgments. I am taking her words and yours to heart. Thank you, Paul and Raj for the pearls.

  9. Claudia says:

    Trust … what a lovely thing to have, I enjoy when I TRUST and it has helped me through times where otherwise I would have panicked and instead I listened and observed and did NOT join in the panic – and lo and behold all worked out just fine. Thank you Paul and Raj

  10. Pauline says:

    Interestingly, this morning I wrote an essay in my journal about trust, and how it is a recurring theme in my life as I wade through the complex and confusing business (at least for me!) of selling my house and buying a condo… A couple of months ago I made my Father my real estate agent, and so trust comes more easily, though frequent reminders are required! Thank you…

  11. Sun~Rose says:

    In all Thy ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct Your paths. Proverbs 3

    Thank You Raj and Paul for the reminder of trust.

  12. Sun~Rose says:

    Trust in the Lord with All Your heart and lean not into Your own understanding.

  13. stemulfree says:

    Thanks RAJ and Paul for this timely reminder of Truth; it has Helped A LOT for me to hear this at this particular moment. Amen – stemulfree

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