In the Crabpot?

Dear friends,

The holy instant is constantly presenting the opportunity for renewal and redemption, and it is within this context that healing/learning is available to us.  Paul, like many of you, would have hoped his healing/learning would be simple, quick and timely.  But sometimes time must be used to bring forth a humility that is lacking.  Or should I say that insufficient humility creates delay — the illusion of time — and this illusion becomes the apparent facilitator of even deeper humility!  One may have gathered much knowledge and understanding of what Truth requires, and yet Its meaning may still elude him.

One’s growing inspiration must bring him back to square one — Innocence, Purity, Peace.  Yet Peace is humble and must be allowed.  One’s knowledge cannot become a weapon with which to slay the darkness, and the patience required cannot become a burden, but rather The Way, transforming his burden into the lightness of Being.

The restless thought may say, “Let’s have healing accomplished and be on our way to greater things,” but you must say to this restless thought: “There, there now, the Father must have His way.  I of myself can do nothing.”  He alone is the Grand One Director, and we are inseparable as the Son and Daughter of this One and Only God.

Each of us must arrive at a point where it suddenly becomes easy to see that what we are is the One and Only Son or Daughter of the One and Only Father — not one among many, swimming amongst each other in the murky waters of the crabpot, and then, when the heat is applied to the crabpot, having to release, under the stress of the moment, the illusion that we were actually in a crabpot, much less meant to become the main dish.

Love must have Its way because sacrifice must be meaningless.  The Father must, and will rush forth to put HIS finest robe around the presence of His Holy Son.  THIS IS HEALING!  We are learning that we wouldn’t have it any other way!

The question asked in the Beginning, “Who told you that you were naked?” must go forever unanswered . . .

. . . because you aren’t and never were!

Kingston, Washington
February 5th, 2013


To everyone whose love and support has been extended during the past three months,
while there has been little or no communication or activity
and Paul has been doing his healing/learning,



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3 Responses to In the Crabpot?

  1. David says:

    “The question asked in the Beginning, “Who told you that you were naked?” must go forever unanswered . . .

    . . . because you aren’t and never were!”

    So, what is wrong with being naked and transparent before God and/or All That Is? Stripped of all affectation and pretense, would we not even realize we were naked if it wasn’t for the false “self” consciousness that (mis)created that “em-bare -ass-ment” in the first place, and all the guilt, shame and fear attendant to and with it?

    “I am as God created me” — indeed and in fact.

    • Brian Steere says:

      @David: I feel the term naked here is meaning a feeling of shameful self-consciousness – of a sense of being exposed and powerless in a need to defend or cover up by hiding. This is congruent with the story, for Adam and Eve went against the warning not to ‘eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, in a wish to ‘be as gods’ in their own right.
      What they actually got for the sense of making their own reality is – as they say – history.
      So to be truly naked before God is indeed to let the fig leaves be realized to be covering a state that never actually existed except in an imagination because we did not and have not a capacity to steal our life or separate from God and so it is the mind of judgement that was used upon itself in the act of judgement. “Judge not, lest ye be judged” is an instant truth – for by the measure one gives or teaches – so must one receive or learn. Until we refuse to accept the mind of judgement (forbidden fruit) and partake instead of the Tree of Life. (Holy Spirit).
      My sense of the nakedness here is much more than any social or personal sense of shame – for it is like being stripped of any capacity to think – a powerlessness or helplessness that feels utterly invalidating IF IT IS RESISTED. So to persist in any sense of independent self-hood, is to set an invalid foundation from which to wilfully assert NO – and then hide and present it in such a way as to seem like some kind of YES – to one’s own line of becoming or experiencing. The governments and corporations haven’t any comparison with the ingenuity of the ego in creating a mask of relative acceptability or respectability over a starkly manipulative intent.
      Unless we live out from the Holy Spirit, we will not know the love that is actually here – and will persist in a fearful and futile attempt to make a false foundation true – as a COVERING for a fearfully imagined and believed illegitimacy of being; a corruption of being; a hatefulness that we believe has hurt God – because our immediate experience was of the loss of God. The ego ‘lives’ upon the ‘death’ of God. This is why “No man sees God and lives”. And yet “who has seen Me has seen the Father” – but this is not the man, but the gift of awakening from the dream of man.
      I realize I am just joining with you in this consideration.
      Self-consciousness that doesn’t interfere with the flow and communication of being, is awake to the essential innocence of all that truly lives.
      In our practising of pausing reaction and listening and asking within, we are inviting such an awareness to grow and abide with us – as our true foundation from which to live out from.

      In Peace


  2. “Who told you you were naked” is ascribed to God. I see it as the Holy Spirit – as the root of all true enquiry, the desire to Know truly and the capacity to challenge the seeming reality of our mind’s experience so as to uncover the mutual definitions that set it as an experience of inadequacy, vulnerability and shame.

    These mutual definitions are suggestions born of a wish to be independently creative – despite the stark incomprehensibility of such a proposition.
    So though the question has no answer in terms of an actual presence or authority, it does have an answer in the revealing of an imagination given priority in our mind over truth.
    And this gives way to truth when seen truly.
    It is the ego’s questions that are never answered, because they are not really questions, but only assertions in the form of a question.

    The crab pot – (In UK we use this term for the crab-trap and not the cooking pot) – is the attempt to get out of a condition that is not real and yet is believed or feared real. We cook ourselves in frantic conflicted activity amidst increasingly narrow confines of self-limiting belief.
    As we cannot tolerate it, we are forced to see that our figmented imaginations have not protected or covered or answered our need, and so we become available and present again to feel and to be moved by “And who told you you were naked?”.
    For implicit in this statement is the knowledge that the experience of ‘nakedness’ is NOT of God.

    To be naked is to be God-less – in assertion of self image and self definition.
    This covers itself to hide from what it now believes God will punish or take away.
    Such is a defence of unconsciousness and magical thinking, rooted in guilt and fear that uses guilt and fear to ‘cover its nakedness’.
    To walk out from such a delusional circularity is to be simply undefended to God – to listen and accept the Holy Spirit – that speaks for God as our true awareness. The fruit of such an openness of trust, is to be enveloped and pervaded by the Presence of God – as the Life of our life and the Mind of our mind.
    Residual desires for possession or control as an independent actor show up as ‘crab pot suffering’.
    But the disincentive is not from God upon us – but from a false sense of ourselves covering our true being; that we can no longer tolerate or afford.
    The answer to God’s gift of the question might well be:
    “Please show me”.
    For the restoration of true relation and communication is the answer that undoes any problem arising from a breakdown of trust and communication.

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